What’s Next After Internship?

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Written by Capsource

Alright, so we all know the drill. Go to school, get good grades. Then, go to a good university and pick a course of your choice. Do well in that course which prepares you for your preferred industry. After that, go through an internship for your final semester. You have completed your internship, you wrap up your course, and you are done with your Degree. Congratulations, you have graduated! Now what? It is life as an independent adult from here on out. Not sure what to do next? Here are a few options for you to consider.



The simplest and most straightforward option after completing your internship is to pursue a career within your industry of choice. Considering the kind of experience you have been through with the course you have studied and your internship, it is only natural that it progresses into a career in which you are able to apply your knowledge and skills in that relevant industry. For instance, if you studied a Degree in Broadcasting with internship experience in a production house, you are likely able to kickstart a career in the broadcast media industry.



Not too keen on officially beginning a career just yet? You could do a few more internships with various other companies instead. For someone who is not willing to commit to a full-fledged career just yet, doing more internships with various companies can help you survey and give you a better feel of the industry before proceeding to work full-time. An internship also gives you the chance to get to know each different company, their culture, and their style of work within shorter time frames so you can know how to adapt to each context as needed.



What if you’re not the type of person to stick to one company? If you are someone who wants your own freedom in the way you work, you can freelance on a project-by-project basis. While doing so, you can expand your portfolio while also freeing up time for yourself to upskill yourself which further improves your marketability whether in the job market or gig economy. For instance, you can be a freelance content writer contributing to different blogs while also learning SEO Optimisation and Social Media Marketing.


Options aside, whatever you end up doing after your internship is really up to you from here on out. There is no one-size-fits-all agenda when it comes to life after the internship stage since each individual has their own unique experiences, capacities, and talents. Rest assured, the path that you choose will be right for you, so long as you can take your prior knowledge and experiences and carry yourself well with them. All the best in your endeavours!