Three Types of Companies You’re Likely to Intern For

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Written by Capsource

Without a doubt, internships are the best place to start and are often the stepping stone to a career. Internships provide you the platform to gain working experience while you learn on the job. The only difference is which company you intern with. Here are three types of companies you’re likely to intern for.


The Dream Company

First, we have the ‘Dream Company’. This kind of company is typically your first choice in your ideal industry. This first choice is borne out of admiration for the kind of work they are doing which leads to your desire to be a part of it. As an added bonus, if the work culture and company values are aligned with you, it can easily be a place you would enjoy working in. This kind of environment is probably the easiest to work and learn from, as everything comes from a drive of positive attitudes, motivation, and emotion.


The Battlefield


Next, we have the ‘Battlefield’. This type of company is not your first or ideal choice of company in your industry of choice. In this case, the work culture and values may be harsher for you and thus can test your limits. You may not enjoy working in this type of company all the time. However, if you’re able to adapt, this internship can become an experience that helps you get to know and be resilient toward the rougher side of work life. Besides, an internship with this company can also help you discern things you do not want for yourself next time.


The Outworld


Lastly, we have the ‘Outworld’. This kind of company is likely to be your last choice and can end up being as nice as the ‘Dream Company’ or as challenging as the ‘Battlefield’. This is typically a different company in a different industry altogether, yet may still require your knowledge and skills to provide for their needs. This may also give you the opportunity to learn things about a different industry and adapt to it. An example of this is, you could be a media student but instead of an advertising or PR firm, you intern as a junior social media manager for a restaurant.


Whether it is your dream company, a battlefield, or a whole new world altogether, it is important to have an open mind to new experiences. Just remember that all internship experiences are valuable ones. In whatever kind of internship, no experience goes to waste as it all builds your foundations for your career’s future. All the best!