Journalism & Feature Writing

Experiential Learning Profile

The field of journalism began as a way to convey crucial information to the masses. While yes, the field does consist of some writing, the quintessence of journalism is to inform and protect the masses. Journalism is about research, fact-checking, interviewing, interrogating, gathering, dissecting, and learning everything possible about a case, to then present the truth to the audience. Their goal is to inform the masses on the 5W1H - what, who, when, where, why, and how. With this information, we are able to craft hard news stories that inform, soft news stories that entertain, and feature articles that advocate and educate the audience. Students are also trained on the art of interviewing, not only to get answers but to be engaging and build rapport with their interviewees. This skill is crucial, especially if the student plans to enter television, radio, or podcast news companies where interviews are broadcasted to the masses. As a Creative Communication college, our Journalism and Feature Writing students can not only write articles (or produce podcasts and videos), but compose stories that are engaging, purposeful, and relevant to your audience. By understanding the psychographics of your audience, our students will curate their writing and/or content that fits your needs and wants in order to better reach and engage with your audience.


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