Ready, Set, Grow! Coping Strategies For Interns Amid The Covid-19 Pandemic

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Written by BAC Apprentices: Kiruba Sankari & Sum Ka Mon

The changes brought about by the Covid-19 crisis have profound implications on internship prospects. Students might feel worried, disappointed, or even devastated to learn that their dream internships have been cancelled due to this unprecedented crisis. 


You may wonder what you can do during these tumultuous times? Read on to know how you can advance your career: 




Volunteering in a non-profit organization is a good start. It has a foundation that combines charitable services and challenging work. Apart from personal development and understanding the community by helping others, volunteer experiences allow you to build meaningful connections in the community. This is an added advantage when applying for a job. Your volunteer work builds your resume. Besides, you can develop different skills that can be used throughout your career development. Volunteering exemplifies to potential employers that you have a growth mindset, and that you have been productive while waiting for job opportunities 




Take Advantage Of Online Learning

Online learning is becoming mainstream compared to the traditional course setting, especially now, with this worldwide pandemic. There are many online learning platforms through which students can look for immersive programmes and take courses to continue building their professional skill sets, including LinkedIn Learning, OpenLearning and Skillshare. You can enjoy a wide range of free and private online courses created in response to the impact of Covid-19. You can have the access to guaranteed quality content courses that will not only enhance your skills and experiences but also increase the chances of you landing a job. So, let’s start school at home with online learning! 




Focus On Your Goal: Getting Hired

Losing your internship position in your desired field should not limit your job search to that field. Switch your strategy and widen your search by looking for leads from new sources, accept a lateral move position, or pursue new industries and careers.  Being open to more job opportunities allows for personal growth and developmentand is essential to staying positive while making decisions. You may even find new opportunities knocking at your door after you have expanded your search by using different titles, exploring new sectors, and seeking for unadvertised positions. This will increase your chances of gaining additional achievements and you will be more aware in choosing roles that best suits you.  




Build Your Network

Always keep in mind the importance of networking. Networking with business professionals is an effective way to build your career in a post-pandemic world. It is reported that making professional connections via informational interviews increased students’ chances of success in terms of obtaining a job offer and boosted their feelings of career readiness and skillfulness in networking. Let people know you want to connect! Grow professional connections by reaching out to your friends, alumni from school or even industry professionals, for any career advice, and make sure to keep up to date with them. Besides, don’t miss out on using professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn to build a powerful professional network.  




See Challenges As Opportunities – Start Your Own Biz/Project

This pandemic could be the perfect timing for you to take the initiative to do something that has been in the back of your mind. Now is the time to bring your ideas to fruition! It will definitely look great on your resume and impress a future employer.  

 Here are some ideas:  

Start blogging and share stories with others 

-Reach out to small local businesses with a business plan  

-Set up a fundraising platform for charities  

-Search for virtual internship/ micro-internships  


The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” — Bruce Lee 

There you have it, ways to cope with rescinded internships amid Covid-19. Do not let the pandemic put the kibosh on your dreams as it won’t last forever, so stay focused on your goals and work toward them.  


Always be ready, set and grow!