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Research the competitive landscape of educational platforms and curriculum

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Research the competitive landscape and product positioning for both PMP home grown platform (Plato) and School For The Culture. Research the culturally responsive curriculum market and see who is the competition, who are the big buyers and sellers, and recommend how we should position and market this brand

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Key Milestones & Project Process

  • March 23, 2021 - Deep-dive into the to products relevant to this project: Plato and School For The Culture

    • Why do educators/schools use PMP for these services?
    • How is PMP differentiated from their competitors?
    • What is Plato? What are its key features/attributes/functions? How does it help educators and learners achieve their respective goals? What makes it unique? Relevant? Credible?
    • What is School for the Culture? What are its key features? How does it help educators and learners achieve their respective goals? What makes it unique? Relevant? Credible?

    Suggested Deliverable:


  • March 25, 2021 - Assessing PMP's services in the current environment

    • Who are PMP’s ideal customers?
      • What problems/needs do they have?
      • What is their buying power?
      • How does the service/product add value, and keep adding value, to our ideal customers
    • Who are PMP’s competitors relative to these two services?
      • What are their product offerings and pricing?
      • What channels do they use to reach customers?
      • How do they market their comparable services/products? What is their messaging?
      • What are the strengths of your competitor’s product?
      • What are the weaknesses of your competitor’s product?
      • How do customers perceive your competitor’s product design, quality, and price?
      • How does PMP compare to their competitors? What are PMP’s strengths and weaknesses?

    Suggested Deliverable:

    Market landscape/competitor analysis report and presentation

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