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OUR COMPANY Founded in 1989, we are a fully vertical menswear manufacturer with offices in Long Beach, CA and New York, NY as well as our own fabric mill and garment factories in Asia. An important part of our company’s overall business is formalwear and weddings/special occasions driven, which has obviously been challenging given how so many events have had to be postponed this year due to the pandemic. Our normal product categories include: Tuxedo and dress shirts Regular neck ties Bow ties Formalwear accessories (i.e. cummerbunds and vests) Pocket squares Tie bars Cuff links Lapel pins Right before the pandemic escalated, we were also starting to plan the addition of tailored clothing (suits and tuxedos), which is really the last major category on the dress-up side of menswear that we don’t currently produce and sell. With the turmoil of the retail industry right now, we’d like as much as possible to develop our direct-to-consumer business. An important component to this is identifying strategic partnerships that could help us accomplish this goal. The scope of this project involves researching potential collaborations. We'd love to hear your insights on what you think of the 3 sites/companies below as far as how they’re currently set up, what they do well, what they might still be missing, and how we could potentially partner with them in a mutually beneficial way. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer - if you were getting married and you had to plan out what the groom and groomsmen were going to wear to coordinate with the bride, bridesmaids, and the overall wedding color scheme, what would you look for and how might collaborations with these sites help offer that? THE PROJECT Thoroughly research the following sites/companies: Zola The Knot Birdy Grey Specifically, please recap their company backgrounds and address the following key questions: How/when were they founded? Who owns them? How big is their current business? How financially stable are they? What is their growth trajectory? What are their major initiatives? Complete a SWOT analysis for each. End Goal: To determine the viability of a collaboration with any (or all) of these 3 companies to provide them with the attire and accessories for the groom/groomsmen's side of the wedding. As you conduct your overall industry research, please feel free to add any other companies that you discover who you feel could also be promising prospective partners.

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