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Finbox Inc is a company that builds tools for equity investors that focus on fundamental analysis and fair market value. We are currently rolling out some major product updates and will be ramping up our growth efforts later this year. SEO and organic growth has historically been our primary source of new customers, but we would like to experiment more with paid acquisition channels to develop a more effective and scalable growth strategy. With this in mind, an ideal collaboration for us would result in the development of a marketing strategy through the analysis of: - competitor marketing tactics - customer goals & decision-making processes when upgrading - customer brand & product perception HOST VENUE ADDRESS 420 W Huron St, Chicago IL 60654 REQUIRED PREREQUISITES Familiarity with financial modeling concepts and value-based investing approaches would be helpful for understanding customers. Experience with digital advertising channels (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc) would be beneficial. Interest in data-driven marketing strategies, and experience using Google Analytics data to analyze customer behavior would also be helpful. LEARNING OBJECTIVES Students will develop an understanding of the tools and strategies employed by investors to build a value-based portfolio. Students will get experience doing B2C market research, focusing on a large segment of value investors and the services available to them in the marketplace. Students will get experience analyzing data and conducting user interviews to build a marketing strategy informed by quantitative acquisition data and qualitative customer insights.

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