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Multi-media, Virtual Reality Programming for Older Adults

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Alchemy Sky Foundation is a nonprofit in Atlanta whose mission is to bring the healing power of music to those who need it. ( Three years ago, we worked with a VR company here in Atlanta (Futurus) and a local church to bring 360-degree video to nursing-home Veterans.  We are looking to conduct market research to analyze the potential for an expanded music-based, Virtual Reality and/or multimedia VR programming, education and other activities for nursing homes and active-living communities nationwide. Check out this short video of our first project! 


  • Students will office out of our partner's office, Futurus, located at 500 Bishop St NW Suite A4, Atlanta, GA 30318. ┬áFrom Futurus' "About" page ( work with the latest in tech to bring one of a kind experiences to our clients. Immersive and interactive engagement brings new life to any product or service presentation and we get you there. From virtual reality development to augmented reality mobile apps, micro-location enabled services and emerging technology consulting, we have the tools and experience to make your project stand out.



  • Our objective is to conduct a product/service market study to answer the following questions:
    • How well could we expect Older Adults to embrace VR technology for multi-media experiences to improve quality of life?
    • Is there a profile of Older Adults that is more likely to embrace the technology vs. other parts of the demographic?
    • Content - What VR multimedia content is most attractive for this demographic?
    • Facilitation - This technology requires an interactive client. ┬áWhat is the threshold of interaction and do we need to consider a hired facilitator in order for the technology to be embraced? ┬áWould this be cost-effective?
    • Estimated costs: creating/curating content, facilitating content, hardware/equipment
    • Estimated revenue projections and models: SAS, per session, etc.
    • Who is invoiced? ┬á(nursing home, 55+ community, individual, etc.)
  • Note: We will be visiting a nursing home to conduct in-field research and interviews.

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