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Bellwether Enterprise is a commercial mortgage banking company that is focused on debt origination and loan servicing. Recently, we have made significant investments in centralizing the data we use to drive efficiencies and speed in existing business processes for production and servicing. This is something that we want to continue to grow, as we work towards providing analytical insights to our employees and customers that will help to make better, informed decisions and keep Bellwether on the cutting edge of data and technology in the real estate capital industry. During this project we want the graduate students to focus on how we can use in-house and third party (owner, asset and market) data to create a model that will predict what are the best opportunities (nationwide) for us to target for refinance business. We will supply the respective students with the pertinent data that we think makes sense to create this model, but would like the students working on this project to be creative and discover alternative ways to find new opportunities for us to grow our business.

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