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TCU’s loan portfolio is more than 50% comprised of loans called Indirect Loans. An Indirect Loan is originated when an individual goes car shopping at a dealership and has not yet secured funding for the vehicle they want to purchase. They then sit with the dealer to talk about options for financing their purchase. During this conversation the dealership evaluates multiple lending institutions to see who can offer the individual financing. After considering offers from multiple financial institutions, TCU may be selected to fund the loan. This individual likely has no existing relationship with TCU. Since this loan is the individual’s introduction to TCU, we now can offer them other services to try to become their Primary Financial Institution by getting them to engage in other services with TCU. Our goal is to create a lifelong membership that mutually benefits both the member and TCU by offering products to help them achieve financial success. Indirect Lending individuals are very difficult to get to convert from their current financial institution over to TCU due to the financial disruption it can cause in their life of switching things over to TCU (Direct deposits, auto payment of bills, setting up a new debit card, etc...) However, we have seen small success converting these individuals into being CORE (retail-engaged) members with more than just an Indirect Loan. With a large pool of ‘new indirect members’ being added each month (~21,000 annually), we don’t have the resources to on-board everyone. We are looking to create a predictive model that helps us identify who to target with additional calls/marketing to deepen their relationship within the credit union.

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