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Evolving the Sustainable Agriculture Summit into an Annual Mainstream Attraction (This is an Alice Obermiller project)

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How can the dairy industry leverage its partnership in the Sustainable Agriculture Summit to increase reach to more consumers, GEN Z audiences, and the mainstream media? This interterm opportunity will be offered to two groups of ND students, with each team (3 students per team) focused on a different aspect of the problem (e.g., operational, design, financial, marketing, etc.). Background on the Sustainable Agriculture Summit: • The Sustainable Agriculture Summit is hosted jointly by five agricultural organizations representing America’s commodity crop, specialty crop, beef, dairy and pork industries. • The Summit convenes leaders from across the agricultural value chain to create the premier sustainability event for production agriculture. • Farmers, suppliers, processors, manufacturers, retailers, academics, conservation groups and public sector representatives gather together with leading experts to learn and discuss opportunities to advance a coordinated and comprehensive approach to drive continuous improvement in agricultural sustainability. Key Learning Opportunities for Students: • Strategic Thinking: How can the dairy industry learn from pioneers such as the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – a global stage for innovation – and bring big ideas to the Sustainable Ag Summit? • Leveraging Partnerships: The Sustainable Ag Summit is jointly hosted across industries. How have other similar collaborations been successful? • Sustainability in Value Chains: How can dairy tell its sustainability story at all value chain touchpoints to reach more audiences? Details: Daily check-ins will be offered with the client (DMI) and will be required between the two teams. Presentations at the end of the project will aim for synergies between the two groups. High-level schedule for the week: Monday = brainstorming, Tuesday = Feasibility / DMI interviews, Wednesday = Develop presentation, Thursday = Finalize plan with success metrics and present to DMI leadership.

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