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HUNGRY needs help elevating their customer experience from great tasting food to a true chef-connected experience. We want to figure out how to elevate the Chef experience at each office catering lunch and office event.  They need help researching, interviewing, and visualizing data related to key stakeholders like their customers (admins/office managers -buyers) and end users (those who are eating the food). They’re ultimately trying to create better customer loyalty and fanatics that are open to sharing their experience with others in their network.  How great would it be to get lunch at your office that included a picture and video of the chef and pop-in Chef visits. Should we do speeches, demonstrations, photos with the chef?  The ultimate goal is to help HUNGRY shift the business from a sales-driven, linear growth model to one with a more of an exponential growth profile. They want to leverage best practices from companies like Uber that provide premium offerings with higher margins alongside traditional offerings (like Uber Black), which can help them scale more quickly. HOST VENUE ADDRESS 1560 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22209, USA REQUIRED PREREQUISITES Appreciation for Food & Beverage market Understanding of B2B business model Understanding of online marketplaces LEARNING OBJECTIVES Students will gain sales skills. Students will gain marketing and research skills. Students will learn how to become great entrepreneurs. Students will learn how to innovate. Students will learn how to thrive in a start-up ecosystem.

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