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About the Company: Amalgam Capital is a private equity firm which acquires and sustainably grows underrated businesses as independent sponsors. Focusing on Consumer Products, Distribution, Industrial Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare and Industrial Services, Amalgam excels in serving clients facing transition, growth challenges, turnarounds, asset heavy companies, and high performers with growth potential. Amalgam also partners with her sister consulting company, SLKone, which consistently delivers strategy that is operational, leadership that nets results, and knowledge that is executable to her clients as well as Amalgam’s portfolio companies. Project Synopsis: While Amalgam has a clear process and model to evaluate investment opportunities, management recognizes the divergence between strategic, operational, and organizational considerations and the financial valuation methods which are strictly quantitative. Students will be exposed to the Amalgam valuation model and challenged with the task of developing a valuation framework that goes beyond the quantitative, accounting for the qualitative factors with documented and data backed rationalizations for adjustments to the current comparative analysis methodologies. The interterm experience will culminate with the opportunity to pitch the adjusted model to the founding partners of Amalgam Capital. Prerequisites: 1. Background or concentration in Finance or Strategy is preferred 2. Familiarity with valuation methodologies, particularly multiples analysis and the CAPM model 3. Capacity to think both quantitatively and qualitatively 4. Proficiency in Excel Learning Objectives: 1. Students will strengthen financial modeling and valuation capabilities 2. Students will perform in depth and data driven strategic analyses 3. Students will perform industry specific comparative and competitive analyses 4. Students will be challenged to incorporate qualitative and strategic frameworks into quantitative frameworks

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