How to be Mentally Prepared Before Starting your Internship

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Written by Mithila

You finally managed to land yourself an internship. Congratulations!


Feeling nervous about starting your 9-5 life and racking your brain on how to prepare for your internship?


Here are some valuable tips to ensure you are mentally prepared to make a good impression as an intern!


Determine ways to make your daily commute faster and stress-free


Before your first day at work, figure out the best route to spend less time commuting to work. If you intend to use public transport, take note of the time spent travelling to office and other modes of transportation which could reduce time spent on the road. Even if you drive to work, you could practice driving to your office over the weekend and account for the time spent in traffic and finding a parking spot.


Understand your job description


Go through your job description and brush up on the essential skills expected of you. Familiarize yourself with the basics such as Excel and other Microsoft Office programmes. There are many how-to videos online for a quick refresher! As you go through your job description, mentally prepare yourself on how to answer the most common question from employees i.e. “What are you going to be doing here”. You will certainly make a good impression with a confident answer.


Learn the dress code


The general rule is to appear neat and presentable. Always keep in mind the word “professional” when you are shopping for clothes. Start with the basics, such as a white shirt, a pair of black pants or skirt and comfortable shoes. You could also get some tips from people working in a clothing store. This way, you will be prepared in advance with one week’s wardrobe instead of getting stressed over your clothes on the first day of work!


Reflect on your personal goals


Do some soul-searching and determine the goals you intend to achieve out of your internship. What skills to you want to develop? Write them down and keep yourself on track as you progress through your internship.


Keep an open mind


Interns are usually expected to lend a helping hand to other employees. This may well be over and above your job description. Some days you may be assigned to do mundane tasks such as photocopying, be a runner or take notes. Be patient and keep an open mind. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when in doubt. For example, if you work in an advertising agency as a social media intern, find out how to make Instagram stories more engaging. Reach out to your colleagues and brainstorm ideas and concepts with them. At the end of the day, an internship is a learning experience. Every task will teach you important skills that will come in handy for your future career.


Bear in mind that an internship is your first step into the working world.


Be prepared to learn from your mistakes, be humble and keep it professional.


You got this! Good luck!