Past Student Outcomes & Company Testimonials

The students of Creative Process & Execution (Jan 2019) were assigned to research and develop a creative strategy for the brand Wondermilk, specifically their café franchise most popular within the residents of Damansara Utama. Armed with the objective to target students similar to themselves, the students managed to impress the client representatives who attended the final presentation, Ms Haliza & Mr. Irfzan.

Outcome 1

Outcome 2

Outcome 3

Outcome 4

“We really liked two of the ideas. We feel their idea and plan can create long term engagement (in our brand). Both teams did a good job. So did the others, but we are most impressed with these two teams.”

The New NRML is a month-long student-led event by the students of IACT College. It aims to help people feel encouraged and united after the MCO. They aim is also to champion the new normal and show people that they can still have fun while staying safe at home. The event is split into 2 phases. Phase 1 features weekly live streams such as charity game streams, panel discussions, performances and many more. Phase 2 is a day long event which includes a variety of activities such as thrift auctions, workout sessions and a virtual concert promoting young and emerging Malaysian Indie Artists. The students managed to run this event from the comfort of their own homes. They remain safe at home while being united throughout the planning and execution of The New NRML. The online event managed to raised a total of RM 1.4k with activities conducted by the students of Serving our Society.

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“The Mass Communications students were fantastic and efficient during The New NRML project with Barely Legal Burgers. They were very accommodating, learners, adaptable and have great young entrepreneur characters. The guidance of their lecturer Kenneth, has helped the young adults flourish to become the new leaders of the country.”

– Elicia Goh, Founder of Barely Legal Burgers -