5 Things Every Student Needs to Know About Virtual Internships

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Written by Mithila

During the pandemic, studying and working from home have become the new norm. Similarly, virtual internships appear to be highly in demand since the lockdown. Let’s take a look at some basic features of virtual internships that you need to know before applying for one.


1. What is a Virtual Internship?


Virtual internships are work experience placements which are conducted online. These internships enables students to carry out their internships from home, while communicating with their employer through numerous resources such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. As a student, you have the opportunity to gain essential employability skills for your future career.


2. Which Industries offer Virtual Internships?


Virtual internships are not limited to a particular industry. In fact, industries which do offer virtual internships to students and graduates include graphic design, business, computer engineering, fashion design, finance and accounting, and more. Given the range of communication resources available, many industries are opting to utilise these applications in order to ensure students have the opportunity to pursue internships while staying safe during the pandemic.


3. How does it Improve Your Resume?


You gain soft skills such as time management through a virtual internship as you learn to work from home and juggle other personal commitments. Not to mention, your familiarity with platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom will prove an asset, in terms of your tech-savviness and adaptability.


4. What are the Advantages of a Remote Internship?


In addition to providing you with the experience you need to actually qualify for a job, virtual internships also help you save time and money. If you work for an international company, you get to broaden your perspectives by staying connected with people from around the world. In addition, you get to build a strong professional network through online catch-up sessions, etc.


5. What are the Common Drawbacks?


The most apparent drawback is the lack of exposure to an office environment. Sometimes in a virtual internship, you tend to miss out on teamwork at the workplace. However, you can still connect online with your colleagues through various networking sites such as Skype, Zoom, etc. You may struggle to remain productive and to complete your tasks within a fixed duration. Ensure that you understand what is expected of you and attempt to complete your tasks as you would, if you were in the office.


With that being said, what are you waiting for?

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