3 Ways to Make Sure your Internship Ends with a Full-Time Job

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Written by Mithila

You’ve just graduated with your Bachelor’s Degree? Congratulations! The next step to kickstart your career will be to get an internship. However, for the internship to materialise into a job offer from the company requires more than just merely working hard.

Here are three ways to ensure your internship ends with a full-time job offer at the company!

Make your intentions clear

When the internship starts, you would need to make your objectives very clear. Sit down with your supervisor and present your goals in a succinct manner – “My goal is to be recognised for my best performance and be offered a full-time job at the company”. It is more common to have college or university graduates who merely take the internship to gain experience, obtain particular skills, or just to test what it’s like working in a certain industry. The point is to not leave your manager guessing what your goals and intentions are by simply completing your tasks. A step further you can take is to meet with a Human Resources manager or representative to express your intentions of getting hired after the internship. Making your intentions clear would leave the impression on your managers that you are someone ambitious and would keep you in mind for future job opportunities.

Solicit constructive feedback to improve

If you want to stand out, it’s not so much about a perfect performance but striving for excellence. Recognising that you’re not always perfect but still wanting to be the best will give you the drive to improve and do better. Ask your manager for constructive feedback on your work. Although some managers might be uncomfortable giving feedback, take the initiative to make the situation less awkward and invite constructive feedback for you to learn. You can also go a step further and ask your manager for a midterm performance evaluation to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Establish your reputation

Now do your best to stand out and capture the attention of your company! Alongside building a track record of excellent work and the heart to improve work quality, make yourself known to everyone. For example, accompanying your boss to important meetings if possible and introduce yourself to the attendees there, provide your insights to the company, or simply initiate conversation with fellow colleagues and compliment them. Stepping outside of your department and initiating an exchange to learn how different departments work for the good of the company for instance, will get you noticed and increase your chances of being hired for a full-time job later.

In a nutshell, the things you need to do to ensure a full-time job in the company after your internship may require you to go out of your way to stand out. Rest assured, however, that the efforts won’t go to waste and will definitely be worth it once you’re hired.