3 Tips To Successfully Land An Internship Placement

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Written by Capsource

Are you a university student who has completed or is in the midst of completing a Degree? Are you looking for opportunities to expand your capacities while also contributing to a company’s success? Are you looking for an internship but have no idea where to go or begin? Fret not, we are here to help you succeed! Here are three tips you can use to successfully land an internship placement.


Tip #1: Present yourself as marketable

If you want potential employers to know that you are worth hiring, you have to show them who you are and what you are capable of. Don’t just look for the internship, let the internship also come to you! To do this, make sure you have an up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV) or resume which highlights your experience and relevant skills for the industry you are interning for. Don’t worry about not having job experience – having experience in extra-curricular activities and volunteerism also counts! If the industry you plan to intern in requires it, you might need to have a portfolio of your works accompany your CV or resume. To wrap things up, make use of a complete LinkedIn profile, which will have you appear in potential employers’ search results if you do it right.


Tip #2: Utilise your connections!

All of us have friends and family who are connected in some way or form to other professionals or companies in your preferred industry. Talk to people, make use of your connections and you’ll never know if you so happen to come across internship opportunities. However, if you find that you have insufficient contacts, it is time to start networking! Riding on tip #1, you can use your LinkedIn profile and connect with college or university alumni, or those in your preferred field and get to talking.


Tip #3: Do your homework

So, after having established yourself and made use of your connections, you have finally found an internship opportunity at a company you’re interested in. It is now time to prepare for the interview. Some of the things to prepare for are answers to questions you would be asked, as well as questions to ask your interviewer. Some of the common questions you would be asked in an interview would be what your strengths and challenges are, what do you want to learn, and what you are willing to contribute to the company. As for questions to ask your interviewer, you ought to do a little bit of research into the company to ask good and impressionable questions which show your interest. Some of the questions you can ask are what the company’s culture and values are, what the company’s goals and plans are, also questions pertaining to the internship such as work expectations and the possibility of full-time employment.


There you have it – the three (crucial!) ways to help you land an internship placement. It is always important to prepare yourself mentally, physically and emotionally to secure an internship, as it is the first step to your career.


All the best in looking for that internship placement, and be sure to check BAC2Work for more helpful advice and internship opportunities!