BAC2WORK is an initiative by BAC Education Group to integrate real-world experience to university interns whilst contributing towards aiding company challenges directly through a hybrid of practical and research-oriented project-based experiential learning engagements.

Industry Partners

Connect with top student talent and gain insights through carefully designed experiential hiring.


Gain 21st century skills and resume-boosting opportunities through internship-like experiences.

Participating Institutions

What is Experiential LEARNING?

Learning Through Experience. Experiential Learning is a form of active, applied learning that results in reference-worthy work experience that can be added to the résumé and discussed during interviews.

Our Industry Partners

We have a network of host companies who rely on us to provide the perfect intern.

What is Experiential HIRING?

Experiential Hiring helps employers better attract, train, select, and retain top talent. This is a unique, engaging, and high-impact way to recruit and assess talent before making more expensive, full-time commitments. It can be done completely virtually, and is in line with the way younger generations approach the workforce.

Success Stories